Jamie Styles’ World

On the 25th of June 1983 Jamie’s world was turned upside down and he was born.

After completing 11 GCSE’s and 4 A-Levels at a school in South-East London he went to study Chemistry at University College London, University of London.

After graduating from UCL Jamie worked at Dulwich College, London for a year before embarking on his Post Graduate Certificate of Education at the Institute of Education, University of London.

Since leaving Dulwich Jamie has worked at Forest Hill Boys and Stockwell Park High School. He now works at a  Boys school in Park Langley teaching Year 7 thru Year 13. As well as teaching he also has an MA in Teaching from the Institute of Education, University of London where Jamie has also lectured to Science PGCE students on the use of ICT in the classroom.

Jamie spends a lot of his free time engaged in sound and lighting design, Sailing, SCUBA Diving, Paragliding and more recently Sky Diving. That said his real passion has always been, as he put it, “Blowing Stuff Up!”


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