Science Vault Experiments



Gaki Stuff
Two liquids are mixed together to form a polymer that acts like a solid when impacted but acts like a liquid when left alone.
Keywords: monomer, polymer, How Science Works,

Screaming Baby

A Jelly Baby is placed in a strong oxidising agent. The result is an incredibly exothermic reaction and a screaming noise coming from the test-tube.
Keywords: exothermic, oxidation, enthalpy change, food as energy, explosive

Elephant’s Toothpaste

A catalyst is added to a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and washing-up liquid. When a catalyst is added the rate of reaction increases and bubbles flow out the top like tootpaste from a tube.
Keywords: rate of reaction, catalysts, activation energy. food as energy, explosive

Model Rocket

An onboard camera captures a model rocket’s flight to 1000 feet. This can be used to teach Newton’s Third Law as well as a host of Sc1 investigations. FREE published schemes of work are even available!
Keywords: exothermic, oxidation, enthalpy change, Trig, explosive, Rockets, Sc1 food as energy, explosive

Balloon Magic

A flame is put up to different balloons a a prediction is made as to what will happen. The result is often suprising!
Keywords: exothermic, oxidation, balloons explosion, specific heat capacity, explosive

Crush Can

A can is heated for a short while before being inverted in a tub of water. The can instantly crushes
Keywords: Gas Laws, Solids, Liquids, Gases, solids

Floating Tube

A test tube is placed inside a 2L Soda Bottle. It floats up and down at the demonstrators command!
 Keywords: Gases, Liquids, gas laws, compression

Pringles Rocket

A crisps can explodes after a short delay. This can be done with Methane or Hydrogen (although Hydrogen is a lot more fun!). One for the school hall or outside!
Keywords: Hydrogen, Synthesis, particle theory, stoichiometery,recylcing?, Surface Area, explosive mixtures

Methane Bang

Methane bubbles are formed in washing up liquid and ignited using a splint. When ignited from the hand no ill-effects are felt (sometimes).
Keywords: exothermic, oxidation, methane explosion, washing-up liquid, explosive

Volcano Experiment

A self oxidising reaction. Both the fuel and the oxidiser are present in the same molecule. When the reaction begins it looks just like a volcano (with a little imagination!)
Keywords: exothermic, oxidation, volcano, compounds differ from their constituent elements, explosive

Hydrogen Rocket

A fizzy drinks bottle shoots across the room with a high velocity (my window is cracked) when a lit splint in placed near the neck of the bottle
Keywords: stoichiometry, particle theory, enthalpy of combustion, differences in properties between compounds and the elements they contain, kinetic theory

Ultra-thin Penny

A 2 pence coin from pre- 1980 and another post- 1980 coin in placed in conc. acid. The post- 1980 coin turns silver and the pre- 1980 coin forms a wafer thin (0.001M) coin with the queens head and coat of arms still perfectly formed!
Keywords: copper, cost of copper, extraction, coloured complexes,concentrated acids, rates of reaction

Iodine Flare

A reaction between two compounds is initiated with a drop of water. The reaction is very exothermic and gives out a thick plume of iodine!
Keywords: exothermic, oxidation, Iodine explosion, compounds differ from their constituent elements, explosive

Weeing Man

The weeing man is smothered in boiling water and starts to pee. You can buy slightly more appropriate ones if used with younger groups! 
Keywords: Kinetic Theory, molar gases, problem solving, Particle theory

Chip Pan Fire

A “chip pan” fire is extinguished by the demonstrator but instead of the fire going out a large flame ensues and a heat blast is experienced. Good for spicing up cooking with oils versus cooking with water in the AQA GCSE Syllabus!
Keywords: exothermic, oxidation, oils, lab/home safety, explosive

Eggsellent Xplosion

An egg is tapped with a match and moments later it explodes sending the egg shell everywhere!
Keywords: Hydrogen, Synthesis, Combustion, Explosion

Methane Floater

A simple device allows bubbles of methane to form which then float around the room ready to be ignited. Great fun, but make sure you have a high ceiling!!!
!Keywords: Methane, Combustion, fire triangle, Density of gases, floating


Sugar is dehydrated using conc. Sulphuric Acid leaving a carbon sausage which looks a lot like a turd. If using this with younger students calling it a carbon sausage is probably better.
!Keywords: Acid Rain, dehydration, dangers of acids

Green Orb

A volatile liquid is made and combusted in a round bottom flask. The resulting green flash has an eerie mythical glow to it. Spooky! 
Keywords: Le Chantilier’s Principle, Equilibrium,Combustion, reactivity series, Sound Waves

Burning Metal

A red hot copper coin is placed in a solvent rich atmosphere. A catalysis reaction occurs and the coin continues to glow red hot and does not cool.
Keywords: Catalysis, Combustion, enthalpy change, Copper

Flame Test

A drop of Conc. Sulphuric Acid intialises this extremely exothermic reaction. By adding transition metal salts one can colour the flames, an interesting way to do flame tests.
Keywords: Flame tests, oxidation, enthalpy change, explosive

Money to Burn

A stupid person’s £20 note is placed in a flammable liquid and set on fire. After the flames go out the note remains intact with no burn marks. Panic Over!
Keywords: exothermic, oxidation, enthalpy change, combustion, explosive, Magic, specific heat capacity.

Whoosh Bottle

A bottle is filled with a volatile liquid, rolled about, drained and then lit. A big jet flame appears and a loud whoosh sound is heard.
Keywords: combustion, volatile, liquids, cloud formation,surface area, hydrocarbons

Mini Rocket

A metal carbonate and an acid are placed in a film canister. The carbon dioxide produced causes the film canister to explode and the body flies up at high velocity.
Keywords: stoichiometry, Reactions of Metals, Investigations, kinetic theory

Fire From Water

A fine mixture of two powders are placed on a piece of filter paper. When so much as a droplet of water fall on the mixture a massive flash appears and an A-Bomb smoke cloud is produced.
Keywords: stoichiometry, Displacement, enthalpy of combustion, reactivity series, kinetic theory
Bang Bubbles
A solution is electrolysed to form bubbles of Hydrogen and Oxygen. When lit a very loud bang is given off.
Keywords: Endothermic, exothermic, bond enthalpy, enthalpy of combustion