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That’s a very good question! Allow me to explain.

A few years ago I asked three members of a Year 13 group what came to mind when they thought of science and scientists. Bender, Francesca and Chappers (pictured below) - none of whom did any science past GCSE - pondered for a few seconds before listing the following, much to their amusement;

This site is all about Chemistry... Why?

  1. Boring

  2. Dull

  3. Dull and Boring

  4. Boring and Dull

  5. Tweed

  6. Nerds

  7. Geeks

  1. Milk bottle glasses

  2. Neeks

  3. People who still live at home with their parents

  4. Jackets with reinforced elbows

  5. Single people

  6. Ugly People!

It struck me that maybe Science wasn't as cool as I thought! But it is! Science *is* cool! "Science is the study of ourselves and the world in which we interact" (Styles 2005). That's cool!

Slightly more humiliating than the episode above was an incident that occurred on a bus home from University College London one evening. I was sitting next to a rather attractive young lady, so I struck up a bit of a chat. We got on and all seemed to be going well. At least it was going well, right up until the moment when I mentioned I was a Chemistry undergraduate. She stood up and just walked away. No "goodbye", no exchange of numbers - she just didn't want to go out with a scientist!

Edwin Hubble (1948) wrote;

"Equipped with his five senses man explores the universe around him and calls this adventure science."

Adventure is synonymous with excitement, exploring the unknown and sometimes the scary.

Science should be fun and exciting and my intention is that this website will develop into a handy resource of practical demonstrations for you to use in your teaching.

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