This is a fantastic experiment. I have used it to reinforce a variety of different topics;

It is a nice way to compare different amounts of energy in foods. After year 8 have done the investigation by burning foods you can use it as a plenary. Set up the experiment then put different foods into the test-tube to see which one gives off the most energy (quantitatively) (not strictly a fair test but depending on the foods you choose it works).

As we heat the Potassium Chlorate it starts to decompose as follows:

2 KClO3(s) --------> 2 KCl(s) + 3 O2(g)

This produces Oxygen with oxidises the sugar in the Jelly Baby. This oxidation is incredibly exothermic (C. -5000 kJmol-1)

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Preparation Time                2-5 Mins

Difficulty                            7/10

WOW! Factor                    9/10


Screaming Baby